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QoS.VC Cloud Service

Script Features

The operation of the IVR.VC service is controlled using a pre-configured script. The script consists of a set of IVR.VC menus within the context of which the collected DTMF digits are to be interpreted. Each menu is provisioned with a media file, which will be played back as an announcement upon entering the menu. At initial session establishment, the media content associated with the root menu will be announced. For each IVR.VC menu there is a list of commands to be executed for a given pattern of DTMF digits. This pattern can be a fixed length list of static or wild-card digits, or a variable length list terminated by the '#' character. In the context of a given menu, when a match of the collected DTMF digits is detected, the command associated with the matched pattern is executed. The following commands are supported in the IVR.VC script:

  • goto – This command instructs the IVR.VC service to enter a new menu context which name is pre-defined in the script.
  • play – The play command will cause the IVR.VC service to start playback of a media file which name is pre-provisioned in the script.
  • query – The query command triggers an HTTP API requested containing the collected digits to be posted to a pre-configured HTTP URL. The response from the HTTP server contains the next command to be executed.
  • refer – This command instructs the IVR.VC service to transfer the call to a pre-defined URI using SIP REFER.

For each command, a pre-defined movie sequence may optionally be played back as an announcement of the action, prior to its execution.

Global Cloud Features
Delivered as QoS.VC Cloud Service QoS.VC ensures with its distributed access points to its dedicated global network the best possible IVR.VC quality regardless of the remote location.
Globally Distributed Architecture Multiple IVR.VC nodes available including Ashburn (VA, USA), Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Oslo, Singapore, and Sydney. Other locations available upon request.
Indefinite Scalability The architecture of IVR.VC allows for indefinite scalability simply by adding more servers. IVR.VC always has more than sufficient over-capacity per location to handle any customer demand.
Protocols, Codecs, Formats
Supported Protocols
  • Signaling: SIP/SDP over UDP, TCP and TLS
  • Media: RTP and SRTP (AES-128 encrypted)
  • Telephone-event (RFC 4733)
  • ICE
Audio Codecs
  • G.711 (PCMU and PCMA)
  • G.722.1
  • Opus
Video Codecs
  • H.264 AVC (packetization-mode 0 and 1)
  • VP8
Media File Formats


The audio/video content presented by the IVR.VC is stored in pre-recorded media files stored in standard MP4 multimedia format. The following codecs are supported:

  • AAC
  • AC3
  • H.264
  • MPEG-4